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'..the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.' 1 Tim 3:15


I came to know the love of God through my class-teacher at school and accepted Jesus into my life as my Lord and Savior in 1963. This was truly a life-changing experience that brought immense peace, confidence and purpose into my life. I became a different person from that day on. Following this experience, I felt God impressing on my heart to share what I had experienced with the people of Northern India. And so, a few years later (in1976) my wife Lizy, my 3 month old son and myself left the familiar surroundings of South India and moved to the city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. We moved a distance of about 2500 km armed with just the name of Jesus and His calling upon our lives. The culture was different and so was the local language but we moved knowing that God alone was the source of our provision. But God was with us and blessed our efforts. And after having shared God’s love in several hundred villages in the state of Uttar Pradesh and after having trained hundreds of leaders for His work, the Lord joined us with the global family of Victory Churches International in 1990. We felt that we needed to be part of a movement that was bigger than us. This was the start of our journey with Victory. The ministry that was birthed with the first church in Agra has today spread to over 12 states in India with several churches and house churches. Many leaders have been raised around the country who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in doing the work of the Lord. We are helping over 200 dedicated staff whose heart is to spread God’s love to their communities. We are uplifted every time we look back and see all that God has done through us in the nation of India. The lives of hundreds of slum children have been radically changed because of the love of God. Many of them come from difficult circumstances and would have perished if it wasn’t for Victory that cared for them. Today these same children are vibrant and have the hope of a bright future. The orphan and destitute children in our homes were in a sad state when they first came to us. Their parents had passed away. They came with hardly anything but by the mercy and grace of God, their lives have been changed through this ministry. They now have food, accommodation, clothing and education and above all else, wonderful home parents who take care of them as their own children.

Mention must be made of our sewing schools as well. The lives of hundreds of girls have been changed because of attending these schools. Women in the rural sectors of India do not have anything in life, they are looked down upon. Many of them are victims of dowry. These girls come to our sewing schools, learn the art of sewing and stitching and are able to support their families. In doing so, they are able to have dignity in society.

Our village schools are transforming the rural sectors of India. The children of snake charmers don’t need to catch cobras anymore, because our village schools have changed their lives and have granted them with a hope and purpose to achieve so much more. There was a time, along with their fathers these children would walk through the jungles catching cobras in order to make a living, but now they come to our school every day to learn to read and write so that they could learn skills to support themselves. In addition, these children are also taught about the love of God and the fact that He has a special plan for each of them.

Child mortality is one of the sad occurrences in the slums of Delhi. But Victory has made a difference. Babies are prevented from dying ever since our Heath Work project started in the slum pockets providing knowledge of health and hygiene to pregnant mothers. As a result the number of children dying during birthing (delivery) has drastically reduced in the localities where we have the programs goings. Today we have 35 heath workers, taking care of 40,000 slum people but we would like to increase this number to over 200 so that we could help more people in the crowded slums of Delhi.

We had also started Bible Schools where our students are taught, trained and mentored to live passionately for God and to share His love with others. Today many of our graduates are church leaders in many parts of the nation and bring hope and life to hundreds of people. They share the good news of Jesus in large gatherings of people and are enthusiastic to share all that God has done in their own personal lives. In the 80’s and 90’s we organized several city-wide events attracting thousands upon thousands of people. Miracles, signs and wonders were done in the name of Jesus. India is ready to experience God’s goodness like never before. We are still continuing to reach as many people as possible through large events. Hundreds of people are coming to know the love of God and many are healed of sicknesses in their bodies at these events. And we are also excited to note that many of them find true life by knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord.

We thank the Lord for what he has done. But our hearts are full of expectation to what He is going to do in the future in India. We are looking forward to helping over 30,000 slum and street children. Our vision is to have churches in all the states of India. The purpose of these churches is to share God’s love with the communities and to serve them in every way possible. Our heart’s desire is to have a Bible School in every state of India so that we could train more people to serve like Christ did. We would also like to start more Orphanages so that more children could experience the blessings that our home children are currently experiencing.

Our task does not come without its challenges but as the scripture says, if God be for us, who can be against us? India will be blessed with the love and goodness of God. India will be brought to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is mighty to save!

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