'Affiliated to Victory Churches International'
'..the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.' 1 Tim 3:15

About Us

Victory Churches of India is a movement consisting of many Churches in different parts of India. It is a vibrant group of people from varied backgrounds. Young and old join together to study the Word of God and to reach out to their community with the love of God. This enthusiastic family wants to help you realize your potential for life, love, success and happiness with God.

We strive to be a source of strength, encouragement and blessing to many people in different walks of life. Our Motto is "Love God. Love people".


Pillars of Victory Churches

- God is the Author of Victory Churches.
- God is the Source of all our needs - financial, spiritual, physical, relatioinal or otherwise.
- We have a lifetime commitment to our vision.
- We purpose to be continually renewed in our visions and our mind.
- People are the focus of our ministry, not programs.
- We believe every problem can be solved.
- Teamwork and agreement is the place of power.
- We seek to lead through relationship rather than position.
- We are committed to increase, as opposed to maintenance.
- We hold the Word of God to be true and every contrary circumstance subject to change.


The Basic Purpose of Victory Churches of India is:

Evangelism:  To share the love of Jesus Christ with every available person at every available time by every available means.

Discipleship: To teach and train them to become like Christ.

Mobilization: To develope strong community of believers in local churches providing fellowship, love, acceptance and growth. To help people discover God's will for their lives and to help develop their God given gifts and talents thereby impacting the community at large.